Project Team Relationships and End User Engagement

Linking You is a four month project involving the Web Team in Marketing and Communications, the Online Services Team in the ICT department, and the Centre for Educational Research and Development.

Chris Goddard (Website Manager) has worked at the university for 10 years and is responsible for the management of the University’s corporate website and online communications.  He’ll assist in engaging university Stakeholders and ensure that the outcomes of the project are embedded in university web policy and integrated in the forthcoming review of our web sites.

Alex Bilbie (Developer) works in the ICT Online Services Team and currently works on the Total ReCal and Jerome projects. Previously, he worked on the JISCPress project and developed WordPress plugins for OpenCalais and the Talis Platform. Alex is also a Computing student, working for the University during a year out.

Nick Jackson (Developer) also works in the ICT Online Services Team and currently works on the Total ReCal and Jerome projects. Together with Alex, Nick runs the Online Services Team’s Labs environment. Nick has recently graduated from the university with a degree in Computing and, like Alex, is valued for his fresh and student-centred perspective on the University’s online services.

Tim Simmonds (Online Service Manager) has worked for the university for over 20 years and is in charge of all online services managed by the ICT department. He’ll bring this experience to the project and represent ICT Services as a Stakeholder.

Joss Winn (Technology Officer) works in the Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD). He’s currently Project Manager of Total ReCal and was Project Manager on the JISCPress and ChemistryFM projects, as well as Project Officer on the JISC-funded LIROLEM project. CERD led the Learning Landscapes project and Joss will ensure that the work of this proposed project is understood within the wider context of its benefits to research, teaching and learning. He will manage the project and co-ordinate the work of Alex and Nick.

Engagement with the Community

Alex, Nick and Joss regularly attend JISC workshops and conferences and look forward to discussing their experience on this project and other related work they have done. As with previous JISC-funded projects, we will make heavy use of the project blog and Twitter to post ongoing reflections, solicit feedback and disseminate the project deliverables.

Our comparative case studies will provide an opportunity to formally discuss our work with at least one other HEI and the visual representation (poster) of the proposed data model will allow non-technical users, internal and external to the university, to understand the context of our work and its relevance to them.

The prototype will also allow users both inside and outside the university to test our work and offer feedback via the project blog. As with other recent services, we encourage the re-use of our data.