Linking You RDF Vocabulary

Chris Gutteridge at the University of Southampton has created an RDF Vocabularly based on the original Linking You data model.

Terms which link an organisation to common webpages, such as a contact page or “about” page.

A few changes have been made to terms to make them useful outside academia. It is generally expected that the targets will be HTML documents, but in some cases it may be other formats, such as a PDF prospectus.


This vocabulary is based on the Linking-You project performed by those clever chaps at Lincoln University. It has not been endorsed by them. The RDF version of the linking-you toolkit was created by Christopher Gutteridge.

A formal XML vocabularly was the first of the recommendations from our original Linking You project and we are very pleased to see the data model being reconsidered and developed in this way. We hope it makes a useful contribution to the new initiative, which Chris is helping to co-ordinate.

This is the second iteration of the Linking You data model. Can you think of ways to improve it? If so, leave a comment here. Thanks!